Make an appointment today to let our HR experience work for you.  We create professional resume packages to get your skills and talents noticed for successful careers at all levels and all industries.  We offer flexible appointments and competitive pricing.


Why am I not getting interviews?  What is my resume really saying about me and my skill set?

An experienced HR Executive can give you some solid feedback to polish the design and message that your personal marketing materials are sending about you.  Let our years of experience with hiring people and writing resumes/cover letters go to work for you.

  • How it looks? (font, paper color, graphics…)
  • The wording you chose?
  • Which employers to include and not include?
  • How far back should you go?
  • How to describe your responsibilities in the best light…


Let us help you get ready for your interview.  From years of experience, we can tell you what HR Managers are looking for in a candidate.  What to bring? What to ask? How to answer some tricky questions? We will give you honest feedback about how potential employers evaluate you and your skills.  In this economy, you’ll need this advantage to stand out among other candidates.


We use our extensive contacts and knowledge of the job industry to search for you.  We track all of our resume submissions and leads on your behalf and report back to you weekly, charging an hourly rate.  We significantly increase your visibility and number of opportunities–especially helpful to the job searcher who is currently working (no time!) or the job searcher who has exhausted all of their own possibilities.

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